Author Guidelines

The annual bulletin “Visnyk of Sumy state University” publishes articles of national and foreign scientists, economists, postgraduate students, degree seeking students, teachers, university students of economic specialities and experienced professionals working in different sectors of economy, which contain new theoretical and practical results. Languages of articles can be Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Preference is given to the articles written in English.

According to the order of the accepting of journals to the “Database of Scopus” the editorial board has developed and approved the rules and requirements for content and formatting the materials provided for publication. These requirements are obligatory for all the authors.

The required volume of articles:

  1. a) an overview of the general nature: 12 pages;
  2. b) an article of  problematic nature: 10 pages;
  3. c) an article on solving a specific scientific task : 5 pages;
  4. d) a brief report on the achieved results: 3 pages.

Articles accepted for publication are to be written by Doctors of Science, or jointly with Doctors of Science or on the recommendation of Doctor of Sciences.

The following is attached to articles:

– the manuscript in two copies, printed on A4 sheets (or e-version);

– information about the authors (first name, second name, surname, academic degree, academic title, full name of organization and department, where the author works, position, postal address of this organization, telephone number);

– recommendation letter by Doctor of Sciences (if necessary);

– title of the article, summary, keywords are given on a separate sheet of paper in three languages (Ukrainian, Russian and English);

– author agreement.

The final decision on publication is made by the editorial board of the journal. Articles rejected by the editorial board, are returned to authors for correction.

The Editorial Board of “Visnyk” kindly recommends authors to follow the rules of formatting an article for inclusion to the collection of scientific papers.

Term of articles consideration is 2-3 months. The term of publishing is 3-4 months from the date of submitting an article to the edition (on the appreciation of a member of the editorial board of “Visnyk”).

Articles are accepted by the direct e-mail of editorial board. The name of the article file must contain the first author’s surname and the date of writing (eg, Ivanov 02.06.2011.doc), all the additional files (with pictures, diagrams etc.) should contain the name of the author and the format of the data (for example, lvanovPic1.jpg). After the editors have received the article they send a message of acceptance for publication or rejection in the case of non-compliance of the article to the requirements at the email from which the letter was sent.

Publication fee is 12 UAH (1,5 USD) per 1 page.

Money for publishing of the article in the journal “Visnyk of Sumy state University” must be transferred to Sumy State University, transaction account 35220003000024, Main Department of State Treasury of Ukraine in Sumy region NSC (Bank branch location code) 837013, code 05408289.

Address of the editorial office: 2, Rymsky-Korsakov Street, Sumy, 40007, UkraineSumyStateUniversity, the editorial board of the journal “Visnyk of Sumy state University”  Tel. 33-41-08, E-mail:,

The structure of articles must meet the requirements of HAC of Ukraine (see Section 3 of decision of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine as of January 15, 2003 № 7-05/1).

Articles begin with the UDC (an index of Universal Decimal Classification), followed by a heading, the initials, surname and academic title of the author(s), place of work.

The article should contain logically connected paragraphs.

Summary is a brief, carefully worded statement of a problem and the main results.

Introduction contains:

a general statement of a problem and its connection with important scientific and practical goals, analysis of the recent researches and publications, where a given problem  is began to be solved, and methodological basis of the research, determination of the parts of a general problem unsolved earlier, which the article is dedicated to.

Statement of the Problem

An objective of the article is worded.


In this paragraph the basic research materials with complete grounding of the received scientific results are stated.


This paragraph contains new information obtained by the article authors, their theoretical and practical importance and prospects for further research in this direction.


It is an abstract, resume (in English language only.)

List of References

The list of references is given in square brackets as a general list at the end of the manuscript. It is created according to the order of references in the text (not alphabetically) in original language in compliance with the acting National State Standard of Ukraine. References to unpublished works are not permitted.


In order to simplify the procedure of the journal redaction for publication the manuscripts submitted should be made only by the sample posted on the website

The text of an article should be performed in text editor Word. Margins: top –25 mm, bottom -52 mm, left and right -40 mm, line spacing – 1.0, tab –5 mm, words wrap around. Font – SchoolBook. All non-text objects are created by built-in tool of Word. Formulas are created by means of the editor Equation.

Style of formulas: text, function, variable, matrix-vector-School Book; small Greek, Greek major, Symbol; small Greek, variable-italic; matrix-vector – bold. Size: Normal -10 pt, Large index-7 pt, Small index -6 pt, Large print -18 pt, Small print -12 pt.

Illustrations are permitted to be placed inside an article, submitted in the form of files in TIFF, JPG, PCX formats, or on separate sheets.



(Font # 10, capital letters, left justification)


(Font # 10, capital letters, bold, center justification)

Initials and surname, academic titles of authors (Font # 10, italic, bold, left justification)


Text of the article (Font # 10, full justification)


SUMMARY (Font # 10, capital letters, bold, left justification)

English text (Font # 8, italic, full justification)

LIST OF REFERENCES (Font # 10, capital letters, bold, left justification)

The list (Font # 8, full justification, first line indent is5 mm).