A guide for authors

Visnyk of Sumy State University publishes articles by domestic and foreign economists, graduate students, applicants, teachers, students of economic specialties of universities and practitioners working in various fields of economics, which contain new theoretical and practical results written in Ukrainian or English, preferably articles written in English.
Articles are accepted as:
a) summary - 12 pages;
b) problematic character - 10 pages;
c) on the solution of a specific scientific problem - 5 pages;
d) a short message about the result achieved - 3 pages.
The following must be added to the article:
- information about the authors (surname, name, patronymic, scientific degree, academic title, full name of the organization where the author works, name of the department, position, postal address of the organization, telephone number);
- copyright agreement.
The final decision on publication is made by the editorial board of the journal. The editorial board of the journal asks the authors to adhere to the rules of designing articles.
Manuscripts that do not comply with the established rules will not be considered.
The term of article review is up to 2 months. The term of publication of the materials is 3-4 months from the moment of their submission to the edition (in the presence of a positive review by a member of the editorial board).
The structure of the article
The article begins with the UDC (Universal Decimal Classification Index), then the title, followed by the initials, surname and academic title of the author (authors), place of work below.
The article should contain logically related sections.
An abstract is a concise but precisely worded task and the main results.
Introduction - general problem statement and its relation to important scientific or practical tasks; analysis of the latest research and publications in which the author started to solve this problem; highlighting previously unresolved parts of the general problem addressed by the article.
Goal setting - The purpose of the article is formulated.
Results - the basic materials of the research are presented and the scientific results are substantiated in full.
Conclusions - the section contains new information obtained by the authors of the article, their theoretical and practical significance, prospects for further exploration in this direction.
SUMMARY is an abstract in English.
References - drawn in turn by references in the text (not in alphabetical order) in the original language according to the current DSTU. References to unpublished works are not allowed.

The cost of publication is UAH 450 (for articles by students of Sumy State University and in co-authorship with them - UAH 270).

Rules of design and submission of articles

If the article is not complied with in the rules described below, the editorial board reserves the right to refuse to publish the article, in other cases the editorial board reserves the right to correct the article.

The text of the article should be prepared in Word text editor on A4 sheets. Margins: upper 25 mm, lower 52 mm, left and right 40 mm, single spacing, first paragraph indent 5 mm. Words are typed without hyphenation. Font - Times New Roman, 10 pt. All non-text objects, including formulas created by Word's built-in tools.

Formula style: text, function, variable, vector matrix - Times New Roman; small Greek, large Greek, symbol - Symbol; small Greek, variable italicized; matrix vector is bold. Size: regular - 10 pt .; large index -7 pt .; small index - 6 pt .; large symbol - 18 pt .; small symbol - 12 pt.

The sample design of the article

(font number 10, capital letters, left alignment)

(font # 10, capital letters, bold, center alignment)

Initials, surname, scientific titles of authors (font number 10, italics, bold, left-aligned)

Article Text (Font # 10, Width Alignment)

SUMMARY (font number 10, capital letters, bold, left aligned)

Abstract in English (font number 8, italics, width alignment)

References (font number 8, width alignment, first paragraph of the paragraph - 5 mm)